Mens Hats

Men wear hats for a variety of occasions, whether it is for casual, work or formal occasions. The occasion determines the type of hat one wears. For example, you would never wear a baseball hat with a business suit. When buying a hat, you have to consider the brim and the crown. The crown is the part of the hat that fits on the head and the brim is the part that stretches out to shade the face and the neck from the sun. The choice of material depends on the season of the year. Fur, wool and felt hats are best for winter because they will keep your head warm, while straw hats are best for warm weather because they let the air circulate. Cotton materials are used to make baseball and athletic hats.

There are three types of crowns in men’s hats. These are pinched front, telescope and dome. Pinched front crowns are molded so that they can easy removed and tipped when necessary. Telescope crowns simply go straight up on the sides and then they curve inwards until they meet. In dome crowns, the hats fit the head snugly, but they can be loose fitting as well. Baseball caps, derby hats and drivers’ caps fall into this category.

Fedoras were once very popular hats for men. They have a narrow brim and pinched front design. They are very common as straw hats worn in warmer climates. Cowboy hats have this design and are still in use for those who ride the range. The long duck bill of baseball caps help to shade the face from the sun and are very easy to put on and take off. There is usually a clasp at the back or a strip of elastic so that you can ensure that the cap fits your head snugly.

For winterwear in men’s hats, knitted toques are still the favorite because they come down over the ears. An aviator hat serves the same purpose. The ushanka is a hat from Russia that is made of fur. The American version of this hat has fur on the inside, while the Russian hat has fur on the outside. The aviator hat has a fur lining.