The Trilby Hat

The Trilby hat is a soft hat for men made from felt. It has a narrow brim and there is a deep indent in the top of the crown. When these hats were first produced, they were made from felt from rabbit hair, but today they are often made from tweed or wool. The brim is flexible rather than curved and the hats are very similar to Fedoras, except for the narrower brim.

The Trilby hat first appeared in the London production of the novel Trilby by George de Maurier. The hat quickly became a status symbol denoting elegance and class. It became the favorite headwear for soul, ska and jazz musicians. Subcultures have also adopted this style of hat, such as the Rude Boy, Skinhead, Mod and 2 Tone. These hats are very popular with the Emo and Indie subcultures today. Many characters in movies have become known for wearing the Trilby hat, especially Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther.

You can buy these hats at stores specializing in men’s clothing and at online stores. Two of the most popular designs are the Graduate and the Chester style. The Chester hat comes in black, gray, navy and brown and in head sizes ranging from 55 to 63 cm. This hat is made from wool felt and has a petersham band. The brim is 2.5 inches wide and is turned up. The Graduate style of the trilby hat has a wider and flatter 3-inch brim. The hat is fully lined and the band is made of leather. In addition to the colors of the Chester hat, you can also get these hats in tweed.